What else does a Quran explorer contain?

We have Quran explorer by which we can read the Quran by specifying verses, translator, chapters and more. Quran explorer is indeed a great innovation at present but yet we think some more features are essential for us. A Quran explorer should not just be a site or software which can should us verses with a number of translations. It should be like a service for us. We need a 24/7 service about the Quran and a Quran explorer is the best platform for this.

In our minds, we have given birth to so many questions. We want answers but unfortunately we hardly see anyone who could be able to come up with the best and complete answer. If a Quran explorer site can integrate a service for us to answer our queries then that will be effective. There should be some experts who will be sitting for us to guide us and solve our queries. And this should be open for all of us. International Islamic originations should come forward to build up an explorer like this.

There will be both the chat as well as call service for us. The language should be many. There should be well trained translator and they should give us the best and complete answer according to Quran and the Hadith.

We see the Quran explorer to be very effective and useful for us. It is used by so many people around the world today. There should be a lot the developers should do about it to make it more popular. The young generation should be interested about it more than facebook, twitter or useless blogging. We have to make a better future by reading and understanding the Quran and the Sunah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are what protects the mattress as well as protects the person using that mattress. It is a pad like thing which sits over the mattress to ensure that the shape and thickness of the mattress remains even. This also helps the user by not letting him get allergic and also saves him from irritants such as bed bugs, dust mites and so on.

Why Mattress Protector?

The main purpose of using mattress protector is to protect the mattress. Even though mattresses can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, it is not possible to erase every stains and marks from the mattresses. A mattress without a protector can easily get stained by natural perspiration of human body or other reasons.

#Most of the mattresses have yellowish tidemarks due to absorbing water. By using a mattress protector, these problems can be solved easily as protectors are easily washable. These protectors look like thin quilts. Most of the protectors are waterproof and helps the mattress from getting stained.

Remember one thing, plastic pads cannot be used for sleeping purpose and changes the feel of sleeping on mattress. One should choose a flannel pad as mattress protector to ensure the best result. These protectors also protect the health of the user or the sleeper. These protectors are a must for people who are susceptible to various allergies such as dust mites. Dust mites is nothing but the process of producing dusts in the mattress.

This irritates the lung and can even create eczema or asthma. Using a full zippered mattress protector, one can ensure a protective wall in between the mattress and himself. This hinders the flow of dust outside the mattress. Bed bugs are another common problem for us. By using fully zipped protector and box spring, maximum protection can be received from bed bugs.

Mattress protector price

Ikea and other reputed companies sell mattress protector and these are quite affordable. You can have the best ever protector for a price of $5 only. These keep the pillows and mattresses stay fresher and cleaner for longer. And the best thing is- these are fully machine washable. Usually these are of two types- one which regulates the temperature and another which is waterproof. Again, the price varies a lot with the quality. You can also see a protector worth $60 at the same place from where you can manage a cheaper one worth $5. But it is better to spend a few more bucks rather than compromising with the health.

Buy tyres online

There are so many benefits when you prefer to buy tyres online over going to a physical store. Tyres are nothing related with luxury, these are necessities which should be bought carefully. To keep your car in good shape and in the right condition, you need to choose the right wheels. Choosing right wheels is all about buying tyres from the right manufacturers and at the price you can afford.

Why buy tyres online?

In most of the cases, when people wants to save money, they go for buying cheap, used tyres. Well, this is not the only way to save money. If you buy tyres online, you can easily get the best deal- quality tyre at unbelievable price. You should buy tyres online not just because of the price, online tyres offer so much more for purchaser. Purchasers get easy selection and 24 x 7 assistance.

Benefits of buying tyres online

Most of the people are hesitant to buy tyres online because of being confused about the guarantee and quality of the tyre. Again there are other facts like choosing the right size, right time and much more. Fact is, one doesn’t really need to see the tyre physically to buy it. If the manufacturer is renowned and they allow purchaser to search for tyres by size, type, performance etc- one should of course buy tyres online rather than wasting time on physical stores. Another thing that makes people reluctant to buy tyres online is shipping cost. Well, there are lot of companies offering score free shipping and great deals on tyres.

Purchasing tyres online enables buyers to choose from a wide range of products of different brands- which is never possible while buying from physical stores. Again, purchasing online tyre offers to compare brands and their offerings at once. Thus, erases any confusion of your mind and helps you see the right path. And you don’t need to travel when you buy tyres online. Online tyres, most of the time offers discounts and deals that helps to save a lot of money.

There can be nothing better than to buy tyres online as this gives you the opportunity to drive in the brands and offerings and helps you select your desired one within the blink of an eye. Follow the necessary steps and get your best deal within minutes while staying in your sweet home.

Nissan Joins Hands with Michelin for Le Mans – A Challenging Tyre Opportunity

Nissan’s ZEOD RC will compete at ’24 Heures du Mans’ in 2014. The Japanese car maker has approached the French tyre maker – Michelin – to design and develop tyres for its electric ZEOD RC.

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Nissan, Michelin at Le Mans

Nissan’s electric racing car was officially launched this month and will participate at Circuit de la Sarthe next year in June. Michelin’s Serge Grisin, the chief of its 4 Wheels Racing unit, recently spoke about their participation at Le Mans.

The director said that Michelin the French tyre manufacturer actually savours this challenge on their home turf to participate in the legendary racing event. He added that the thought of gaining access to the ‘Garage 56’ at Le Mans, reserved for automobiles featuring latest technology, is even more fascinating.

A Huge Opportunity for Michelin

Grisin asserted that Michelin will work with Nissan for Le Mans not only for the purpose of achieving glory. Working on the said project will, in long run, aid Michelin in the development of EV tyres for regular on-road use.

He emphasised the importance of this project for Michelin and affirmed their stance as a technical tyre industry leader. He added that Garage 56 is one of the best ways for them to enhance their expertise on designing tyres for EVs, and to create new technologies for higher efficiency and better performance of nex-gen tyres.

The Tyres for ZEOD RC

Describing the tyres for the ZEOD RC, Grisin calls them “really specific”. As opposed to the general front tyre dimension of 20 cm for LMP cars, this tyre will feature 10 cm. This implies that Michelin will have to develop the same road performance featuring longevity, grip and light weight with a two times smaller tyre. And building a smaller and lighter tyre that ensures same car performance will mean that Michelin will have developed a tyre with enhanced efficiency levels.

He continued that, for the rear, Michelin has developed a tyre closer to conventional LMP tyres based on ZEOD RC’s weight distribution. This is a 15-inch tyre, 40 cm wide. Michelin has developed this one to achieve optimal weight distribution, aerodynamics and balance for this car.

Grisin further explains that there’s a reason why Michelin has chosen unconventional dimensions. Specific compounds need to be developed for tyre manufacturing if more longevity needs to be achieved than standard racing tyres. Also, the car geometry has required them to design narrow tyres for the front, which again will feature high longevity.

The French tyre manufacturer’s involvement and investment in this project will ensure gaining invaluable knowledge for it, and that it will have the privilege to apply the same to ordinary EVs in the future. He concludes that this is only the beginning of a new era of tyre design for them. Michelin intends to use a plethora of advanced simulation tools, think in detail about the tyre design and be very well ready for Le Mans to begin with.